how the neobrutalists won the west


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mise en drèam anal sex for satan was my favorite. this album was fun. Favorite track: 03 anal sex for satan.
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cakesoda These people I tell you. Favorite track: 06 i killed spikey jacket.
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released June 24, 2017

all songs written and recorded by C0MPUTER at infinite weed records. mastered by will killingsworth at dead air studios. art by cassidy jones. ∞WR-01



all rights reserved


C0MPUTER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




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Track Name: 01 the shape of dead punk cum
smeared across generations of crude dicks, shitbrained epithets and erotic limericks paints a pretty picture of paradise consumed by oceans of trash: another tragic reminder of all that human beings waste as they try to escape the inevitable.
Track Name: 02 i'm a bitch & i'll kill you
tonight i find him alone.
he takes the long way home.
he looks so pretty when he cries.
his inflated manhood sends him through the crowd like it's his civic duty to rub crotch. backed hard, good guy, his bravado sways between his thighs. his dick is blue with denim, his swagger's porno-scene, his target's freshly seventeen, he's got it down, his whole routine.
goddamn this guy's a fuck machine.
my knife can slice his cock so clean.
empty his balls into his mouth
and watch his cum run all down south.
i just wanna watch him groan for the very last time.
lemme tell you, man--it's good to be alive.
Track Name: 03 anal sex for satan
i hope god cries when i masturbate.
every day i die a little death for satan.
take your crucifix and shove it in your ass.
take your missionaries and hit them from the back.
there's only one path to true salvation:
total global penetration.
i am the filth you shield their ears from.
this is the happy ending you were afraid of.
your willful ignorance, scared-straight,
body-shame propaganda--this is the outcome.
Track Name: 04 zapruder film buff
bombs in boston aren't a hoax but a flex.
we're safe from truth for now, but we're next.
caught in the cross-hairs of a military action-hero complex.
sex and bullets riddle the climax.
ripped from hollywood, theaters packed.
a nonsense, scripted patriot attack,
a cryptic stage-play's final act.
Track Name: 05 blood-red hands of the yankee empire
why would a pig
at the mall
use his gun
on a child
who had called
for his help
as he was told?

why were the eyes
of the crowd
on the price
of the clothes?
he was 10 years old.

there are no innocent bystanders
only victims and executioners.
justice is a myth.
we drown in the flood of ancient vengeance
or swim through blood to the surface.
Track Name: 06 i killed spikey jacket
i rinse my hands in blood
and swallow filth.
they come knocking with their guns
and i can't hide my guilt.
there is a cop inside my head and he must be destroyed.
Track Name: 07 -∞
you know where hell is?
it's inside my head
birthing irrationalities
without regard
for the effect outside my skull.

the negative wake is without intention
and i truly can't believe myself
when you tell me how i've made you feel .

flowers die when i touch them

happiness has never lasted and i only feel inclined to
spout the nervous fantasies that come to me because
of course i'm happy to be in this moment with you and i
thought that went without saying but i guess when i voice
a half-concern that specifies the opposite, that original
assumption of happiness is negated.

i understand how this could contribute to an overall
environment of negativity.

they see darkness,
i feel just fine.
i see suffering
in the sunrise.